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EO2 calling for investors!

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

EO2 is a Token that cryptographically represents a ton of CO2 equivalent and constitutes a safe and sustainable alternative asset suitable to meet the financial needs for diversification, investment, and store of value of individuals, as well as an effective tool to offset individuals’ and businesses’ carbon emissions. By integrating the regulated carbon market with blockchain technology, EO2 aims to leverage the best of both worlds and create additional value out of the carbon market. Value creation derives from the greater usability, easier accessibility, and traceability that digital tokens and blockchain add to the existing carbon market dynamics.

EO2's Mission is to contribute to a more inclusive, efficient, and reliable Carbon Market by providing all stakeholders with easier access to quality Carbon Credits. Our goal is achieved through the tokenization of regulated Carbon Credits and their (crypto-) representation into EO2 Digital Token, which reduces frictions and improves their usability and diffusion. The core project function is represented in a smart contract that constitutes a two-way bridge between off-chain Carbon Credits and their in-chain Token representation.

We are actively looking for committed investors who want to contribute to the fight against climate change. There are still some spots available to new investors in exchange for equity.

Do you want to be part of this climate revolution? Contact us at for more information

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