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EO2 Crowdfunding at

EO2 is currently running a crowdfunding campaign, and every donation is relevant to us.

We want to change the shape of the carbon market, but we cannot do it without you!

Show your commitment by donating no matter what amount at:

The bigger our community, the more effective we will be in our effect in the fight against climate change.

We can only achieve our mission with your support!

Join our community by following EO2 on LinkedIn and joining our telegram community channel at

EO2's mission is to make the regulated carbon market more efficient, accessible, and inclusive. We plan to make carbon allowances available to individuals and businesses to help them to pursue a sustainability agenda or as means to store value.

Besides, EO2 has the potential to become a facilitator and catalyst for other deep decarbonization projects by increasing the demand for carbon allowances.

In exchange for the support received by the EOS community, we will make a web app boilerplate available to everyone based on the EO2 exchange platform. This

way, newcomers to the EOS developer network can smoothly adopt the technology.

Please share this post and help us thrive in this crowdfunding campaign.

If you want early access to our platform, you can register at

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