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Your Access to 
Regulated Carbon Markets

Offset your carbon footprint

without the risk of greenwashing.

What is EO2?

EO2 is a sustainable digital Asset backed by regulated carbon credits that helps businesses and individuals fight climate change.


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What can EO2 do for your business?
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Protect your reputation

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Offset your carbon footprint

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Diversify your portfolio


Why choose EO2?

No greenwashing risk.

Companies not covered in regulated carbon markets use the voluntary market to pursue their sustainable agenda, thus exposing them to fraud and reputational risk.

According to studies, up to 80% of the projects traded in voluntary carbon markets do not deliver the value they claim.

Since quality in the voluntary carbon market can be hard to verify, companies are exposed to legal and reputational risk, which leads to a loss of value and market share.

EO2 allows your company to use regulated carbon credits to offset emissions. As a result, no due diligence is needed!

How to do it?

Prove you're committed to fighting climate change; walk the walk!


By investing in an EO2 token, you are committing to your customers and our planet's future.

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The journey towards a Carbon Neutral future has never been more convenient.

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What can EO2 do for you as an individual?
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A sustainable investment

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Offset your carbon footprint

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Contribute to the climate action

Why choose EO2?

Natural disasters are becoming increasingly dramatic, and seemingly less and less natural.

It is becoming necessary to put in the legwork to research companies and support businesses that practice what they preach.

Carbon credits that are currently on the market do not follow a global standard in terms of transparency and accountability.

We are different! EO2 offers you access to the regulated carbon market.

How to do it?

By investing in an EO2 token - individuals can safely store their money in a digital asset that’s contributing to the fight against climate change.


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